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The DWS Dimension suite of products and services offers our customers a different approach to developing, upgrading and testing their JDE E1 systems. We leverage insight and experience to help put our customers’ modified footprint into perspective. If you like, we bring a different Dimension to their thinking.

DWS is very proud of the work we do with companies committed to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE E1).  We are recognized as one of the world’s leading technical service and solutions companies, specializing solely in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.  We have a history of excellence and innovation that has led to us packaging our intellectual property, to bring product and service offerings to the market that continually drive down your costs and drive up the quality of your JDE E1 system.

Our unique go-to-market propositions are delivered in two different ways. Firstly, as tools that our teams use to deliver services to our customers – what we refer to as software-led services.  Secondly, as software products (available on a subscription basis) that help customers better understand, manage and maintain their implementations of JDE E1.


Software-Led Services

DWS Dimension software-led services include Dimension Analyze™Dimension Professional™ and Dimension Tempo™ .

Dimension Analyze™ is the tool that audits your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system, identifies what custom code is no longer required and estimates accurately the effort involved in upgrading to the new release.

Dimension Professional™ is a suite of tools that allows DWS to fully manage and fix the price and timescale of the modifications uplift component of an EnterpriseOne upgrade using the Best Upgrade Approach.  Professional leverages the information gathered, and the results produced, from the Dimension Analyze Service.

Dimension Tempo™ leverages the power of our unique Dimension Analyze™ and Dimension Professional™ tools to enable us to offer customers code-current support contracts, with fixed price subscription and fixed timescale code-current events.

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All our software-led services and development use STAR, a tool used by the DWS development organization to manage and control the work that DWS does for customers. On development projects and upgrades, STAR is used by the team to record time, manage issues and document their efforts. STAR and Dimension Professional™ are tools that we make available to customers’ developers, once it is agreed that everyone is to work as one team under the guidance of a DWS Project Manager.

DWS Dimension Software Products

DWS operates a secure cloud repository, known as the Dimension Hub™, where customers can view and manage all the information that our tools and products provide for them.

Dimension Focus™


DWS Dimension Focus™ is the first product available to JD Edwards customers that will analyze your entire EnterpriseOne system to identify exactly which objects are impacted by a modification, an electronic software update (ESU) or a bundle of ESUs – down to event level.

Dimension Focus™ assists with test planning and ensures you only test what needs testing. This can significantly reduce the amount of code you need to test.

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Dimension SwifTest™


DWS Dimension SwifTest™ integrates natively with EnterpriseOne. It is the easiest way to set up and execute your testing without the need for specialist test engineers or programmers.

Business Analysts and end users can now set up their own test scenarios quickly and easily using Dimension SwifTest’s automated script generation functionality. Combined with Dimension Focus™ it can reduce your overall testing effort by up to 85%.

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