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Maximizing the benefits of Continuous Innovation with 9.2

With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2, organizations have greater control over Continuous Innovation.

In Testing Times, Don’t Have Nightmares

The fundamental change in the way we work has placed an unprecedented burden on applications and infrastructure alike.
Partner DWS Dimension testing solutions

“Be All You Can Be”. Partner for Success!

Functional/regression/stress testing is highly repetitive and is an excellent candidate to be improved by technology and even automation.
Using If and While Group Actions to automate and simplify your workflow

Using If and While Group Actions to automate and simplify your workflow

SwifTest is a powerful tool to automate testing on the JD Edwards E1 platform. Now, with If/While Group Actions, you can craft complex scenarios.
EnterpriseOne 9.2

EnterpriseOne 9.2 is the ERP equivalent of The Villages

In his latest blog Ryan McBride takes a sideways glance at making the final move to EnterpriseOne 9.2, likening it to The Villages retirement community.
Automated Testing

Cadran Guest Blog – Benefits of Automated Testing

In the first of two guest blogs, our partners at Cadran discuss the advantages of automated testing for JD Edwards projects.
Derisk your upgrade

Here there be dragons

With a third of EnterpriseOne customers yet to move to release 9.2, we look at ways to de-risk the upgrade process.
Testing for Oracle Cloud Applications

Testing what’s new with Oracle Cloud Applications

With enterprise application software it’s not prudent to simply trust without testing. If you’ve chosen to turn on a new feature, you need to test.
iLearn DWS Academy

iLearn DWS Academy: Learning made easy

Guest contributor April Favara explains the benefits of using the iLearn DWS Academy to accelerate time to value for Dimension software products.
An Introduction to Oracle E1 64-bit C-BSFN

An Introduction to Oracle E1 64-bit C-BSFN

Richard Williams provides an introduction to Oracle E1 64-bit C-BSFN, highlighting key updates for your code before you can run it on your 64-bit server.
Navigating 64-Bit Architecture

Navigating 64-Bit Architecture

Starting with Tools Release 9.2.3, and further enhanced with 9.2.4, it is now possible to move your JDE system entirely to 64-bit processing.

Lessons Learned from Quest Forum Digital Event

Bill Wright reflects on the core themes, key messages and takeaways from Oracle JD Edwards week at the Quest Forum Digital Event.

Moving to 9.2? Get a handle on your known unknowns

Upgrade projects in today’s environment with the support clock ticking in the background can seem overwhelming; explore how to identify your ‘known/unknowns’.
Oracle announce JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2 Update 3

Tagging Projects, Scenarios, and Tests with Metadata

Graham Downs takes a deep dive into meta data within Dimension SwifTest and explains the advantages of tagging projects, scenarios and tests with Metadata Columns.
Simplify and Automate

Simplify and Automate – The 30-minute time saver

Dom Bowker takes a look at how easy Oracle has made it to simplify and automate your system admin and improve system availability and performance.
DWS_Enable a fit and healthy JD Edwards future_Blog_Image_042020

Enable a fit and healthy JD Edwards future

Barry Burke explores the challenges to be overcome to ensure you have a JD Edwards environment that’s ready to help you get to the next level.
Building a business case - It all begins with taking the first step!

It all begins with taking the first step!

Building a compelling business case for investment in a major ERP upgrade or code-current project starts with being prepared to take the crucial first step.
Code-current as a Service; What and Why?

Code-current as a Service; What and Why?

Explore what “Code-current as a Service” means and how it can be used within the community to better serve customers and help build stronger partnerships.
Cloud SaaS

What you REALLY get when buying cloud-based SaaS

Patrick Neary reflects on key takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld London 2020 and considers what users really get when they buy cloud-based SaaS today.
Early 2020 budget – don’t neglect testing

Early 2020 budget – don’t neglect testing

As we look to early FY2020 budgets, Frank Meskowsky highlights the importance of testing in your day-to-day and how to best plan your budgets to support it.
Performance Testing, A Necessary Evil Blog

Performance Testing, a necessary evil

Whether it's due to upgrades or software updates, performance testing is critical for users to understand and mitigate the impact of change event projects.
2020 - Are You Ready To Roar Blog Header Image

2020 – Are you ready to roar?

The last “twenties” was a period of significant change; socially, politically and technologically. As we welcome 2020, we share predictions for the year ahead.
Lighten the Load of Load Testing Blog

Lighten the Load of Load Testing

The failure of customer-facing systems can be an embarrassing/costly experience; mitigating this risk while deploying the right solutions can only lighten the load.
DWS Oracle JD Edwards Leadership Forum 2019 Blog

Oracle JD Edwards Leadership Forum 2019

Barry Burke reflects on the key takeaways and insights from the recent Oracle JD Edwards Leadership Forum, held at the Beaumont Hotel in Old Windsor.
JDE E1 patches - To patch or not to patch; that is the question

To patch or not to patch; that is the question

Dom Bowker provides a deep-dive exploration of the current JDE E1 patches available, highlighting best practice approaches for deploying patches in your organization.
RPA for JDE. Are we there yet?

RPA and AI for JDE E1 testing. Are we there yet?

Are Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven project testing solutions the best option for your organization? Patrick Neary explores the pros and cons.
Evolve Innovate and Thrive

Evolve. Innovate. Thrive

Mathew Maundrill examines the benefits of organizational agility, examining how the approach can mean the difference between thriving and merely surviving.
Have you gotten with the program?

Have you gotten with the program?

Patrick Neary moves beyond the intentions of JDE E1 users having a strategy to get current and stay current. Asking what you are doing to implement it!
Reflections on INFOCUS 2019

Reflections on INFOCUS 2019

Patrick Neary reviews INFOCUS 2019, reflecting on key themes and takeaways from the event as well as discussing the evolving JD Edwards E1 environment.
Review of JDE Summit 2019 Blog

A review of JDE Summit 2019

Dave Harrison reviews the recent JDE Summit 2019, highlighting key takeaways customers need to be aware of from Oracle JD Edwards' landmark partner event.

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