Independent Consultant Referral Scheme

DWS would like to invite you to participate in an Independent JD Edwards Consultant Referral Scheme for EnterpriseOne Testing.

DWS has introduced two Software-as-a-Service products, about which we are very excited.  The products ease the burden of testing Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (E1).  Any company modifying E1, applying Electronic Software Updates (ESUs), or upgrading to a new tools release or version release stands to save time, reduce testing effort and improve the quality of their testing by using Dimension Focus and/or Dimension SwifTest.


Independent JD Edwards Consultant Referral Scheme

Under the Independent JD Edwards Consultant Referral Scheme for E1 Testing, consultants can earn up to US$500 per company referral.  To qualify, you’ll need to facilitate or broker a meeting for DWS with someone with buying power at the company.

A JD Edwards Consultant will need to set up the meeting for DWS within six weeks of the date of registration.   If the company places an order within six months of the date of your registration, we will pay you a US$250 referral fee upon execution of the company’s order for Focus or SwifTest.  The fee paid to you will be US$500 if they order both.  The fee paid can be in US or equivalent GBP or Euro.  Any referral fees paid to you as an independent consultant are separate and distinct from fees that DWS might pay to a partner organization.  For each company, at any one time, only one independent consultant and one partner will be registered.  DWS will endeavor to respond to registration requests and confirm registrations within five working days.

By discussing test management and execution with your clients you will be addressing an issue which commands considerable time and effort in any E1 project plan – whether you are talking about a new install, an upgrade, the introduction of a bespoke development, or a code current event, testing takes time.  And to do a good job of testing is not that easy.  Putting a spotlight on testing and recommending DWS’s products for testing can enhance your credibility, and should afford you an opportunity to position and provide additional services.  These benefits to you are in addition to the referral fees you can earn from DWS.

You may also be interested to know that in a recent survey (of approximately 100 E1 customers) we found that most companies continue to test manually.

The reasons they gave for not using a testing solution that is competitive to ours (e.g. OATS or HP UX) is that competitive solutions:

  • Require specialist technical staff,
  • Are too complex,
  • Take too much time and effort to use effectively
  • Are too expensive,
  • Are not native to EnterpriseOne

These are all obstacles we believe we have overcome with both Focus and Swiftest. For each company you would like to register you need to submit:

  • Company Name,
  • Company Location (i.e. City/County/Country or City/State/Country),
  • Whether you’re currently on contract with the company (Y/N)
  • The company’s E1 version release level and E1 tools release level,
  • The date of their last major upgrade (YYYY/MM), and
  • Finally, the date of their next major upgrade (blank or YYYY/MM).

To help you understand the products and to ensure you feel comfortable introducing Focus and SwifTest we would like to share a piece of collateral that describes our testing solutions, click here.

I would also like to direct you to our YouTube channel where you will find a playlist that includes product demos for both Focus and Swiftest.

If you would like more information on the products or would like to discuss the scheme, or perhaps what it might mean to any Systems Integrator with whom you may work (past/present/future) please do not hesitate to call Pat Neary on +44 (0)7747 443421 or to email Alternatively, if you are as excited about the E1 Testing opportunity as we are and have companies that you would like to register, send in your registration requests to Pat.  Pat will get back to you as quickly as he can.

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